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Innovation Meetups

Our Innovation Fellows will be hosting Innovation Meetups throughout the year and we would love you to join us!


The Innovation Meetups are informal workshops held at locations around campus where you can:

  • Share ideas
  • Develop key enterprise skills
  • Meet like-minded students and make new connections
  • Discover more about events and activities on campus
  • Find out how to access support from the Warwick Enterprise Partnership
Details of the next Innovation Meetup can be found below:

The start-up industry in Asia (led by Giacomo Bottoli)

Wednesday 30th October 2019, 11:00-12:30, Ramphal 2.24

Gain an international perspective on innovation and entrepreneurship, and hear about Giacomo's experience of engaging with the start-up community in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. And stick around for the following session...

Intellectual Property (led by Ptolemy Banks)

Wednesday 30th October 2019, 13:00-14:30, Ramphal 2.24

Worried about discussing your business idea with people who might steal it? Confused about NDAs and patents? Then this workshop is for you!

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