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Anjali Raj

PhD in Information System Management, WBS

Why are innovation and entrepreneurship important?

Innovation is one of the key factors that can facilitate business evolution and growth. The nature of innovation is about pushing the boundaries and the exploration of new discoveries. The value of innovation is not just crucial in the business arena but it also plays a pivotal role in our lives. The quality of lives will only be improved with continuous breakthroughs in the context of product and service innovations, and that is also why entrepreneurship is essential. It is basically a learning process that allows individuals to acquire the knowledge and experience about starting up a new business that covers topics such as logic training, analytical skills training and business planning etc.

What's your special area of interest?

My special area of interest is about introducing the life cycle of enterprises. I am currently the tutor of the Digital Venture module. Innovations and entrepreneurship are developing in the digital world rapidly. A successful entrepreneur needs to understand the challenging industry situations and formulate a well-throughout plan in response to the challenges, and these are the advice you will be needing and receiving. I majored computer science in the past and I am currently pursuing my PhD degree in the Warwick Business School. I will be more than happy to provide you multifaceted advice from both technology and business management perspectives.

As one of the first ever Warwick Innovation Fellows, what are you most excited about?

I always have many ideas in my mind and wish to talk to someone who can help me to develop it. It is not easy to find the correct people and accurate resource. I am here to help :). I will give you my advice, the materials suited to you and more and more. I respect each of you and your ideas. I think starting up a business is an excellent mental exercise. Please don’t hesitate, just send me an email!