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Graciella Martin Rijo

BSc Psychology


Why are innovation and entrepreneurship important?

Being innovative and entrepreneurial does not just apply to business. More importantly, it affects the way you think, the way you work and even the way you make friends. For people like me, who want to start their own business in the future, innovation and entrepreneurship are the absolute key factors to success, the great business idea paired with the perfect combination of partners.

However, for those who are not interested in running a business but are more intrigued by the team roles, being innovative and entrepreneurial will certainly help them to become a better team player. To achieve maximum efficiency in a team, everyone will need to play to their strengths. To know what position suits them the best also requires entrepreneurial thinking. Therefore, innovation and entrepreneurship can certainly shape your position better and enable you to shine in any role.

What's your special area of interest?

I have worked in many different fields, such as incubators, virtual reality visualisation industry, and even a designer studio. What always enlightens me is to explore all the possibilities either with different teams or different industries. It is very important for me to keep exploring and being innovative.

From my past experience, I felt so inspired working with start-ups, especially the internships I had in different incubators. The interesting part of running a start-up is to examine how simple ideas grow to mature and systematic business. More importantly, what I have contributed to the growth of their businesses.

Being the deputy head of external relations this year in Warwick Incubator has allowed me to further develop my knowledge around start-ups, not only how start-ups work and what they will need to get on to the next stage but also the strategies they should apply when developing their ideas.

As one of the first ever Warwick Innovation Fellows, what are you most excited about?

The very important aim for the Innovation Fellows is to raise the awareness of all the potential organisations/ institutes/societies that students could access on campus. I have seen many talented people on campus who have amazing thoughts about the future or business plans, but they are struggling to get to the next stage. Being an Innovation Fellow enables me to represent Enterprise at Warwick and be an ambassador for all the potential opportunities and partners that students can access within the University of Warwick as well as opportunities outside the academic institution.

Being an Innovation Fellow is a journey of learning for me and also for others. I am sure that I will enjoy this journey with other innovation-focused staff and students.