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Utkarsh Jhun Jhun Wala

Masters degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship


What I am currently studying.

I am currently studying towards a Masters degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I have taken modules such as Business Model Generation, Innovation, Establishing a New Business, Sales and Sales Management amongst others. I believe it will be useful to share to non-business students for general knowledge on starting your own business.

Why is innovation and entrepreneurship important?

There are two types of entrepreneurs, necessity-driven entrepreneurs and opportunity-driven entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs driven by necessity tends to focus only on self-fulfilment. Whereas, if driven by opportunity, entrepreneurs are more likely to solve problems around them and think about how they can make a difference. That is why innovation embedded into entrepreneurship becomes very important to harness more opportunity-driven entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship paired with innovation are the ones who will create a difference in making the world a better place. It doesn’t have to translate into starting a business, it can also be about seeing things differently and always looking to improve things around us. With innovation at the heart of entrepreneurship, we will never be idle and constantly be in a stage of learning to improving and developing ourselves and our community.

My special area of interest is early stages of entrepreneurship. The in-betweens of to dive in or to not. I worked as an entrepreneurship facilitator back in Indonesia at a higher education institution, and my job was to create design thinking spaces – where people can just generate ideas, identify opportunities and work on perfecting their ideas through innovative and creative thinking. I also do many business model workshops, and help people create their business models using various tools. I love asking questions, which is a good way for entrepreneurs to find justification and validate their ideas. Previously, I have also started my own business in the Food and Beverage industry, although small scale, nevertheless the process I had to go through seems to give me a perspective of the real things that entrepreneurs experience. Although I am not currently running my own business now, I still aspire to one day set up my own business again.

What it means to be an Innovation fellow.

I am honoured to be one of the Innovation Fellow. I am so excited to promote innovation and entrepreneurship and raise awareness that it is not exclusively for business students or for people wanting to start a business right away. Innovation and entrepreneurship is part of a long life learning journey that I think is important for everyone to possess. This is one of my main goals as a fellow. I am also very excited to meet like-minded people, and also assist people to take their ideas to the next level. As part of Enterprise at Warwick, I will try to connect people and use this platform as a means of networking. Who knows one might find their future business partner here who will take them to the top?