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Winosa Igiehon

Master of Maths, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics (MMORSE)

TinaWhy are innovation and entrepreneurship important?

Perhaps the only thing more valuable than a good idea, is the opportunity to make that idea a successful reality. The ability to think outside the box isn’t one that we are taught in the classroom, it is, however, an essential ingredient for success in a world where things change and improve at an ever-faster rate. To me entrepreneurship is the ability to shape the future, what just yesterday seemed impossible, today is a cornerstone of everyday life, something we can no longer imagine living without. Entrepreneurship also provides individuals with a unique sense of satisfaction and confidence because they feel like they have completed a personal challenge and achieved a particularly rare goal. The world needs entrepreneurial minds because they help with growth and stimulation of the economy, creation of jobs and improve general standards of living; this shows the extensive impact of just one idea, and of course, the perseverance required to make it happen.

What's your special area of interest?

I am specializing in financial and actuarial mathematics and hence I am very interested in investments and problem solving. One of the most prevalent research areas recently is Big Data, which is collection and computer analysis of large datasets to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behaviour and interactions. This is an intriguing area, as it combines modelling and problem solving and has various, vital applications in finance as well as many other industries. I am very analytical and enthusiastic about learning and I am especially interested in critical thinking. My degree contains a lot of mathematical and statistical modelling and I really enjoy putting this in use in real-life applications. I also have some experience with developing modular solutions from a previous programming job. I enjoy working with teams and hearing other people’s perspectives and opinions, I am very interested in how different people think and approach problems. I am curious about big data and would love to be able to participate in its research and application.

As one of the first ever Warwick Innovation Fellows, what are you most excited about?

I am excited about being part of the team that helps shape the future and meeting a lot of like-minded individuals and discussing interesting and creative ideas. I think there are a lot of exciting opportunities available on campus that most students are unaware of and that could be beneficial to them, I believe being involved with Warwick Enterprise on such a close level will allow me to spread the word and make sure all students can reach their potential. As an Innovation Fellow, I will have a chance to meet some of the most innovative and entrepreneurial people on campus and I am very interested to see how they think and follow up on their ideas. I enjoy working with people and so I am looking forward to meeting creative students and helping them develop their ideas, and put them on the right path to design and build successful start-ups.