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Aga Korycka - The Knitwork

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The idea for The Knitwork came when our friend came back from Poland with a beautiful handmade scarf. He said that his grandmother made it for him. With further research, we found that most pensioners in Poland are not well off and the population of elderly people is rising quickly. We recognised their knitting skills and came up with an enterprise to solve the problems of pensioner loneliness and their low incomes all at once! Our project provides a forum for elderly women to drink coffee and knit scarves in a friendly community. Their beautiful hand-made products are then sold online to British and international markets and supplement the income of these women while they do what they enjoy!

Our team spent the award on the initial materials and equipment for the women to start knitting. We bought different sized knitting needles and a large and diverse amount of wool. This allowed us to hold our first pilot session and enabled our enterprise to gain the trust of the knitters. We now have our first batch of ten scarves to sell.


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If we were to do something differently, perhaps we’d spend some of the grant on better establishing our website and dedicating a bit more money to marketing; rather than the knitting supplies. However, we believe it was necessary at the time to hold the pilot session for the women and convince them of our enterprise and good intentions. They were initially reluctant to believe someone could do this for them without wanting anything in return. It was also necessary for us to photograph the scarves so we could be in a position to start marketing. Lastly, I believe it would be useful to first make a spending plan so the team knows exactly when, and how, the money will be allocated.

A new team has now taken over the project and they are looking to expand it and involve Age UK so the project can come to Great Britain. For the local enterprise in Poland, the team is now working on setting up the website and promoting the scarves and the The Knitwork as a whole. Our knitters still have plenty of wool left thanks to the grant so they are able to knit us more marketing materials. Once we have refined our website and branding, the team will begin selling scarves during autumn and winter time.



theknitwork dot enactus at gmail dot com