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Halia Nguyen - Y-YOU

My enterprise project

My enterprise achievement

Our project sets about running a mentorship programme for young homeless beneficiaries in Coventry. The mentors will be Warwick students and staff.

We came up with the idea after speaking to these young people. They shared that school was not a good fit for everyone so we started thinking about a model that could be highly interactive and beneficial for them. We also work with local charities which offer them part-time jobs to fund their membership.

The award has been spent on educational materials and traveling expenses.

It has enabled us to run testing sessions and develop our business model. We have received positive feedback from the participants.


My enterprise learning

My future enterprise

Although our project is still early-stage, I have learned a lot of valuable skills from it.

If I applied for other investments, I would improve the research method and do it on a larger scale.

My plan for the project is to run sessions, recruit more team members and promote the project more widely. The award has enabled me and my project to progress significantly.


yyou dot warwick at gmail dot com