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Imogen Staveley - PregnaPouch

My enterprise project

My enterprise achievement

PregnaPouch is an app to hold medical notes for women during pregnancy in a secure and convenient way.

I came up with the idea because I am a doctor and regularly notice how bad the current situation is. Women have to carry paper notes. Leaving them at home is at best inconvenient and at worst very dangerous. I want to make things better for women.

I spent the Student Enterprise Fund award on an app entrepreneur course. Part of this covered design and marketing. This has enabled me to create a website and logo. I also began to code and this helps me liaise better with a possible co-founder. The award also gave me the drive to continue forwards to the next steps. The mentoring also helped me develop my business case and to think bigger!


My enterprise learning

My future enterprise

I have learned lots as I develop PregnaPouch. I learned more about creating financial projections. I learned more about making the business plan useful for each use, because you might have a different one for use day-to-day compared with one for a possible investor.

I would definitely think more about an exit plan when creating my business plan.

For me personally, my future plans are to learn more about coding and the instruments for funding start-ups. My plans for the project are to find a technical co-founder, begin building an MVP and start marketing the PregnaPouch prior to its launch.

The award was integral to getting the PreganaPouch this far. The support was helpful and enabled me to create my logo and get skilled-up to take the next steps.



PregnaPouch at gmail dot com