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Janez Kosec - ELJAGU

My enterprise project

My enterprise achievement

ELJAGU suitcases aren’t just the lightest, they’re the strongest. They're made from the finest materials such as carbon fibre, aluminium and leather. Our suitcases are smart, yet still simple. And with a handcrafted carbon fibre body combined with the triple hinge dual lock design, it’s not just a suitcase, it’s a piece of art!

I came up with the idea after paying overweight luggage fees.

My Student Enterprise Fund award was spent on developing the suitcase shape and its production techniques. Also, the award helped finance the handle and the electronic components for developing the “smart” part of the suitcase. We bought custom-made machined parts to attach the handle.

The purchased components enabled us to step closer towards a final product which is ready to sell.

My enterprise learning

My future enterprise

I learnt to never give up. We came across many obstacles: team-wise and supplier-wise. However we are a very strong team and I believe we will make it in the end.

I would not do anything differently, even if distance from our suppliers and balancing our intense studies limits the speed of progress. Careful time management is required from the entire team.

Our team was motivated by receiving the award.

We continue to develop the ELJAGU suitcase and will bring it to market!



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