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How to Apply

* Applications for the Start-up Scheme are currently closed and will reopen on the 3rd September, 2019.

Please begin by reading the following documents:

Start-up Scheme Guidance Notes

Every year there are two intake rounds – one in January and one in September. Those who meet the eligibility criteria above are invited to apply for Start-up endorsement by following the procedures listed below:

Stage 1 - Read the information and register your interest.
If you are interested in the Start-up Scheme, you can register your interest here.
Please note: There is no need to register interest when applications for the Start-Up Scheme open.

Stage 2 - Initial Meeting. If you would like to discuss your business idea before applications for the Start-Up Scheme open, you can book an initial 30-minute meeting with the Graduate Enterprise Officer. You will need to complete a short questionnaire before your meeting request for a telephone or in person consultation is approved. The initial meeting will be used to discuss your business idea.

Please note: Initial meetings will be unavailable once applications for the Start-Up Scheme open. 1:1 appointments will be unavailable in October 2019, February 2020 and March 2020.

Stage 3 - Apply for the Start-up Scheme. By submitting :

  • 1 Business plan and
  • 1 Video pitch (up to 3 minutes long)

*Please note we will only accept submissions using our business plan template.

Download our business plan template here

Our business plan template is a fillable Pdf (this means you can save your answers and return to the pdf at a later date).The fillable pdf template only accepts text. If you believe photos, graphs or images would strengthen you business plan, you can upload those images on dropbox/google drive and insert the link on the relevant section of our business plan template.

If you have already created your own business plan you will need to translate your plan from its current form into this one, then you can be sure you have included everything we need to know in order review your business idea.

Download our business plan template here

Stage 4 - Shortlist Applications.The Panel will review all applications and shortlist the strongest business applications to progress to the Pitch to Panel session.

Stage 5 - Pitch to Panel. Should your application for endorsement be shortlisted, you will be expected to pitch your business to the University of Warwick Start-up judging Panel. The panel will be made up of senior staff from across the University’s academic and non-academic departments along with independent entrepreneurs. Where you are part of a team, all members of the group applying for endorsement must be present at the Pitch to Panel interview.

The Panel will assess your application based on your business being viable, scalable and innovative, and determine whether they have confidence in you and the approach you outline.

Stage 6 - Receive a decision.There will be three possible outcomes from the Pitch to Panel interview:

1) You will gain endorsement

2) You will be required to provide further evidence requested by the panel

3) You will not gain endorsement from the University, and you will have no right to appeal.

Stage 7 - If your application for the Start-up Scheme is successful, Warwick Enterprise will issue your Start-up endorsement letter.