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Graduate Accelerator Programme

Our mission at Warwick Enterprise is to enable and nurture entrepreneurial skill development, creativity and regional venture creation by Warwick students and graduates. The QO-UnInn Enterprise Fund, has generously contributed to this mission and enabled the creation of a Graduate Accelerator Programme that is tailored to the unique needs of a Graduate Entrepreneur.

The Graduate Accelerator Programme provides an exciting opportunity for 5 business teams to develop their entrepreneurial skills, test, launch and pitch their business ideas to industry buyers within 12-months.

Along the way, participants will clarify their vision, strengthen their mindset and evaluate market opportunities in order to build and launch their business idea. This 12-month venture development journey provides you with support, funding and mentorship, giving you hands-on practical tools and confidence to transform your idea into a real business. You will hear stories of incredibly creative entrepreneurs – their successes and failures – through no-filter interviews with founders, investors, and other experts. By the end of the Programme, you will be well equipped to translate your idea into an early stage venture.

Imagine what your life could look like, 12 months from now with:
  • Up to £10,000 awarded by the QO-UnInn Enterprise Fund to develop and launch your business.
  • Start-Up Visa endorsement by Warwick Enterprise
  • Access to a physical co-working space for 12 months.
  • 1:1 results coaching to empower you with the monthly focus and accountability you will need to break through your own limitations.
  • A tailored package of support and agreed milestones to equip your climb towards developing and launching your unique business idea.
  • Exclusive access to the University of Warwick’s most successful graduate entrepreneurs who will share their strategies.
  • Mentorship and support through our Enterprise ecosystem of graduate entrepreneurs, advisors, mentors and experts within the Innovation Group.
  • Hands on learning through guest speaker talks, events and live interviews.
  • Monthly group coaching enabling peer-to-peer learning with other graduate founders in an environment that welcomes feedback and support.
  • A strong sense of community with a network of peers who share similar entrepreneurial interests and aspirations.
  • Monthly pitch practice for the opportunity to pitch directly to an industry buyer or investor network at the end of the programme.
Eligibility criteria
  • You must be a Warwick graduate with motivation and determination to build or start a business in the UK.
  • Applications can come from individuals or teams (with a maximum of five co-founders or five team members).
  • All applicants (including all team members) must either be current students (who are expected to graduate in January 2020) or graduates of the University of Warwick (who have graduated in July 2017 or after July 2017).
  • The business team must be primarily based in the Midlands during their time on the Graduate Accelerator Programme.

Dates to Apply

Important Dates: Every year we have 2 rounds of applications: one in May and one October.
* The Graduate Accelerator Programme applications are now closed.
Application timelines for October 2019 are as follows:

*LATE APPLICATIONS: The Warwick Enterprise Team is unable to accept late applications. If you miss the deadline you will need to submit an application to the next application round.


We welcome applications from any sector and your business idea does not have to be related to your current degree of study. Applications are open to Home, EU and International students. If you are ready to push your creative limits, improve your entrepreneurial thinking and use your talents to turn a business idea into reality - apply in October 2019 to be one of 5 businesses to join the Graduate Accelerator Programme in January 2020.



By the end of the programme, participants will:

  • Test the viability of their business
  • Identify a legitimate business opportunity
  • Define their business model
  • Find an appropriate business strategy
  • Develop their marketing funnel
  • Launch their high impact business idea
  • Pitch to initial customers
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