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Coventry City of Culture – Social Innovation Challenge

To support Coventry’s Bid for ‘City of Culture 2021’ we are hosting a Social Innovation Challenge; to encourage you/Warwick students to engage with your local environment and develop exciting new ideas within the city.

The City Innovation Challenge offers the opportunity for students to collaborate with peers from different courses, with a variety of interest and experiences whilst also helping to develop their skills and capabilities: leadership, teamwork, communication, problem solving, creativity etc.

Over the course of a week: Monday 26th - Friday 30th June, you will be challenged to come up with innovative solutions to real problems around City of Culture themes.

You will then be able to present these ideas to a judging panel and pitch for a small amount of funding to help develop this idea over the Summer and maybe beyond...

Follow these two steps:

1. Book your place using myAdvatange.

2. Fill out the form below and press send at the bottom of this page.

During the course of the programme you will work as part of a team on one of the following themes. Please indicate which theme/s you are interested in and we’ll do our best to put you in a group of preference. Please use 1 (being most favourable) to 5 (being least favourable).
Goal 1: Partnership - A new partnership approach to cultural growth, which ensures access and sustainable funding for a wide range of cultural organisations activities and events across the city. This partnership brings together the City Council, communities, the universities, local businesses and charities and the professional and amateur cultural sectors to maximise resources, infrastructure, innovation and investment. Goal 2: Lifelong learning - All children and young people have an entitlement to the arts and digital creativity in schools and in their community which is not limited by family income, location or age. There are opportunities for all generations to learn from and develop through the arts. Talent is recognised, developed and supported through to early careers in the cultural and creative industries and beyond. Goal 3: Diversity - Communities and individuals are empowered to celebrate and share their heritages, cultures, abilities and identity and participate in the cultural life of the city. Diversity is one of Coventry’s strengths and resources and the city is a place of mutual understanding, celebration and learning. Coventry is a national centre of excellence for diversity in the arts and creative industries. Goal 4: Health and well-being - Arts and culture are core to the health and well-being of the city. Participation in and enjoyment of city wide professional and community arts programming responds to the needs of all generations and combats isolation and mental health in our most vulnerable communities. Culture makes a major contribution to encouraging healthy lifestyles and physical activity. Goal 5: Economic growth - Coventry is a culturally vibrant, attractive and prosperous city that enriches the lives and environment for all residents. The city is a major tourist destination for the West Midlands and successfully attracts new businesses and investment, particularly in high-tech creative industries, talent development and cultural production.
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