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Andrea Paniagua - Sugee & Concetti



News Dog Media

andrea dot paniagua at promexico dot gob dot mx or

My enterprise project

My enterprise skills

With the growing popularity of videos news and the vast reach of YouTube, I decided to make a video channel called ‘News Dog Midlands’. The channel provides exclusive editorial content on amazing people and projects going on in Birmingham. Each video showcases original, inspiring and diverse individuals from the city.

For each video, we package up an accompanying article which is sent out to all the national newspapers and magazines. We ask these publications to link back to our YouTube Channel on their online articles. Consequently, many of our videos have gained significant national press coverage and several participants have landed incredible opportunities afterwards. For example, Ayesha Jones has since appeared on BBC Radio West Midlands, and as a result of the video she received funding for an exhibition on Scoliosis sufferers.

During my enterprise project I developed so many skills I think I would not have ever gained through academic study or work. I would hugely recommend that every humanities student give entrepreneurship a go. I’ve become more enterprising and resourceful. It’s also given me a greater understanding of what it takes to make exciting viral content and how to sell your idea.

I found the one-on-one pitch training session - as well as the pitch itself - some of the most useful and formative experiences I’ve had at university. Thank you for organizing that! It was a nerve-racking experience but it really taught me how to think on my feet and argue my point. Outside of an academic essay, this is something I never really needed during university!

My enterprise support

My enterprise reflections & visions

The support I received from Warwick has been brilliant. From the first phone conversation I had with Richard Groves about my social enterprise idea, the support from Warwick gave me the confidence and resources to pursue News Dog Midlands.







I definitely recommend other students get involved; especially humanities students like myself. I don’t think many humanities students consider being entrepreneurs or they feel that they aren’t enterprising enough to pursue a project like this. It can really help you develop skills you wouldn’t necessarily gain through your course. It might even give you the expertise and self-confidence to eventually run your own business!

For the coming months, we have some very interesting people and unique businesses lined up! Our aim is to get national coverage for 2/3 of the videos we produce. This would hugely promote the projects and businesses we showcase. I would like to see many participants receiving media and funding opportunities as a direct result of News Dog Midlands. I would also like to involve more Warwick students with the project.