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Andre Wang & Veronica Chang - FavourUp


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Our enterprise project

Our enterprise skills

FavourUp is a sample management web app for fashion brands to efficiently track use of their samples for public relations and for collating the resulting media content. It is useful while loaning or gifting out clothing samples to media, bloggers and stylists for editorial shoots or press releases.

The idea originated in 2014 while studying at London College of Fashion when we noticed non-transparency in the fashion PR industry and found it improper.

FavourUp is as a Fash-tech startup, since we decided to tackle the problem with an information technology solution. Tim Connold, Head of Data at Asos, considers our solution “a pioneering innovation” for the fashion industry.


We had gained a wide range of entrepreneurial and business knowledge during our academic study. However, it was still difficult for us to deliver a promising project due to a lack of technical capabilities. Potential investors or customers wanted to talk to a team which can create the actual solution.

During the development of FavourUp, our team invested time into enhancing programming and communication skills. That made a huge difference to positioning our strategy. Now we can build anything we dream up.

We have strong connections with the fashion industry and are aware of what they are thinking. This means we are in a good position to pitch to top-level fashion houses.

Our enterprise support

Our enterprise reflections & visions

Warwick has many departments and societies which offer entrepreneurial support and motivating opportunities for students.

Students, tutors and external mentors meet regularly to share ideas and experiences.

There is even the possibility for software and information technology startups at Warwick to apply for office space in Warwick Venture's Software Incubator.

These aspects make the University of Warwick function as a business accelerator – launching entrepreneurs through the tough beginnings of new business ventures.

Entrepreneurship is a discipline all about people. Knowing more individuals from a wide range of backgrounds opens doors. While on this journey we realised that building relationships is the most critical thing that entrepreneurs should keep doing from the first day of their journey. Most importantly, relationship building should never stop.