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Veronika Bondareva & Diana Trantina – Lingua Patria Press


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Our enterprise project

Our enterprise skills

Lingua Patria Press is an independent publishing company that strives to promote and advance multilingualism in the UK by supporting native languages and cultural roots. We help by creating, customising and optimising bilingual books to the needs of our young bilingual readers and multinational families.

This project is as multicultural as we are, and reflects our stories: Diana was born in Armenia, Veronika in Russia, and we both grew up in bilingual environments. Whereas, the idea of the books, and our main character – Patrick – were born in London – the capital of globalisation, and where the founders of Lingua Patria Press met.

Being bilingual highlighted a big and demanding problem in London and for other multinational cities – the lack of entertaining and educational materials to help raise children in multicultural families. We formulated the idea of our business venture during our Master course, when we learnt the basics of financial management, intellectual property and cultural entrepreneurship.

The project is very ambitious and we see ourselves becoming a market leading publishing house offering bilingual materials.

Currently we are developing our first book, which is scheduled for publication in September – helping young bilinguals in London start a new year with fresh and colourful books. Next year we will focus on developing trade and extending our team.

We are learning new things almost every day. We meet new people, new professionals, face challenges. This gives us practical business experience. The skills we acquired during the Master course at the University of Warwick were more theory-based and now we are applying them to real life.

Being an entrepreneur requires a very diverse set of skills, but the most important is faith in our success, ambitions and strength to overcome difficulties. When we received our first rejection from a printer that could not make our books in the desired format, we remembered an inspiring quote:

If you ever feel you’ve made bad decisions just remember that you’re not one of the 12 publishers that turned down Harry Potter.

Leading your own project requires courage (a lot!), patience, self-motivation, time-management and a positive outlook.


Our enterprise support

Our enterprise reflections & visions

Warwick possesses great entrepreneurial knowledge stemming from prior and current busineses – this is truly invaluable for young entrepreneurs like us. The support from Warwick is not only limited to business aspects – for us, the University is also a source of motivation and inspiration, especially during meetings with University representatives and our business mentor – they always remind us of the progress and impact we are making!

We believe it is not only useful, but crucial to meet other students engaged in developing enterprises as we have similar pathways leading to business growth, mistakes and achievements.

We would encourage the University to provide young entrepreneurs with more detailed legal support, as passion and a business idea are not enough in the business world. Knowledge of laws and business structure are crucial during the first steps, as contracts and business formation are both very important for future development and attracting investment.

We definitely recommend this program to other students, especially for those who are graduating from business related subjects or have a passion to develop their own business ideas. It is a great opportunity to gain experience and confidence before facing the real business world.

It is also important to have your business team – people who will watch your back and support you no matter what. Before setting up a company you have to think twice about your team members, as they are the people you will probably spend most of your time – days and nights!

We have a great product to offer and we truly love it. We hope to see our project boost bilingualism. We believe that our small independent publishing house will evolve into a large enterprise and will make its mark on the publishing landscape.

Ours are the small but important steps of a beginner - and we are not going to stop till we rock it!