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Stan Jallot & Gal Israeli - UniCycles at Warwick

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Our enterprise project

Our enterprise skills

UniCycle is a bike-share scheme with 50 bikes and 10 stations around Warwick campus. Its official launch was September 2015.

The idea came while we were living in university-provided residences located outside central campus. We thought that a cycle-hire scheme would help students get around campus and enhance their university and campus experience. This would be especially appreciated by overseas students who don’t bring their own cycles.

It was during our first year at Warwick Business School when we decided to work on this project. A couple of months into it, we contacted the Transport and Travel Manager at Warwick and we decided to continue the journey with the University! So far we have raised tens of thousands of pounds, plus found a sponsor (PwC) and a cycle provider.

After 3 years, we finally launched UniCycle at Freshers’ week 2015. The bikes arrived on campus for testing by staff and postgrads from August. We will be on campus to manage UniCycle, especially in terms of community engagement, marketing and expansion of the scheme.

We developed skills during our project, but also passion! The passion to create, innovate and find solutions to problems students encounter daily on campus. We grew our passion for entrepreneurship.


Skills follow of course, and the education we received at Warwick, and the environment itself were really helpful. The Warwick community – especially its students – was great. We were surrounded by peers with whom we shared our thoughts, difficulties and opportunities.

Thanks to our time at Warwick – we were free and able to start a project from scratch.

Warwick has a great network of contacts, and I guess that’s also very helpful for the future.

Our enterprise support

Our enterprise reflections & visions

Besides the student society Warwick Entrepreneurs, when we started at Warwick there was not much support for those wanting to start businesses.

We would have loved to have had access to professional mentors. It would have been great to regularly meet a group of entrepreneurs and learn from their experiences. It’s awesome that the University now has an enterprise incubator.

We learned that entrepreneurship is tough – starting from nothing is hard and there were so many occasions we could have dropped our idea. But it’s worth persevering with ideas. I can only encourage people to take their idea to the next level, i.e. make it real!

UniCycle will enhance students and staff mobility around our large campus. It will also promote green and sustainable transport. We hope our very visible project will inspire other students to pursue their own projects