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Hao Liu - BoBo D2C Fashion Network


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My enterprise project

My enterprise skills & motivations

BoBo is an online crowdfunding platform for fashion. It aims to help designers build their reputation and create their own brands - from marketing to retailing. Also, we have developed one of the best online fitting rooms in the industry - customers can try on clothes virtually and share their new look with friends online.

I understand from my experience in creative industries how hard it is for designers to get their name out there – especially in fashion. Try to think about the last time you bought something from a high street brand that tells you the name of its designer. Since it costs so much for independent designers to create their own brand and manufacture their designs, I decided to create a platform which showcases and sells their works.

The main abilities I developed while founding BoBo D2C were negotiation skills and expenditure-control. As my background is in graphic design, I did not have as much need to plan for expenditure. After founding BoBo D2C, I needed to make sure everything is cost-efficient – from manufacturing to marketing. These skills will be valuable in the future, whichever industry I follow.


My enterprise support

My enterprise reflections & visions

The support from Warwick has already been very helpful. It has empowered me and offered me a chance to do something I have always wanted to do in my life. I’ve received advice on visa applications through to commercial activities. Warwick has connections with angel investors. I look forward to making connections with more investors and other universities.


When I was still working in a design studio, I worked with some part-time designers. They were all really talented and I enjoyed working or chatting together. I want to help more independent designers and ultimately the greater creative environment. To achieve that, BoBo D2C will have to grow and reach as many people as possible – customers and designers. It sounds difficult to achieve, but it is not impossible. I need to try harder and be creative. BoBo D2C has adopted crowdfunding practices. This lets customers pre-order designs before their manufacture. So there is less financial risk for the designer.
If you have a good business idea you should really fight for it. At the beginning nothing is easy and realistically there is a risk that it will not work out. But it is still better than regretting you did not fight for something you really want.