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Muhammad Ali - M Fashion


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My enterprise project

My enterprise skills

The idea for my enterprise project came from a charity I am running in Pakistan. I noticed that the mothers of students in my charity schools possessed a very unique skill. I decided to create a branded identity for that skill in London. I conducted extensive market research of all the high-end fashion brands and decided to launch my website prior to Christmas 2014. The response for my high-end fashion accessories has been much better than expected.


I learnt business development and
management skills through the Enterprise at Warwick initiative. I also learnt about quality control mechanisms to ensure customer satisfaction. These skills are very professional and productive. I have nourished my networking skills and developed strong connections in the fashion and events industry. My networks also extend to my potential market. Their feedback enabled me to improve product quality and service. Moreover, their brand loyalty will ensure the long-term sustainability of my business. The skills I have learnt from this first project will also help me implement my other ideas.

My enterprise support

My enterprise reflections & visions

The support available from Warwick University was very helpful, especially during tough times when things were not going as expected. It would be very useful to meet like-minded entrepreneurs and learn from their experiences. We can have these kind of events in London too. Since Enterprise at Warwick has gained exponential popularity, I think specialist support designed to attract initial investments can be very productive in the formative stages for graduates.



I have developed the resilience to not admit
defeat and keep trying. I have discovered a gap in the market and received positive feedback from the market research I conducted. I would strongly encourage other students to pursue their dreams and undertake these life-changing
initiatives. In 3-6 months, I will ensure that my website is free of bugs and very user-friendly, and I am hitting my monthly targets.

My brand will be a game-changer in the luxury industry. It will have a significant impact on the fashion industry but will also ensure economic prosperity in the communities of my artisans. It will create job opportunities not only in UK, but also in Pakistan.