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Rodrigo Bautista - Ticketpass


rodrigo at ticketpass dot co

My enterprise project

My enterprise skills & motivations

We are working on an online platform so people can buy or resell their purchased ticket at any time with the click of a button. Since plans often change last minute and the ticketing industry is not flexible enough, our vision is to give people flexibility with their tickets.

The idea came from my spontaneous life and how my plans often change due to unexpected meetings or work.

It was very hard for me to get tickets last minute or if I couldn’t go, I would lose my money because it was too complicated to find people who wanted my ticket. So I got tired – I needed to do something about it!

We started selling tickets offline. Then we began building our site from scratch and moved online.

It is going great! Recently we launched our minimum viable product and already have some traction. We have a very good monthly growth rate, so now we’ll focus on expanding our test market and preparing for the next level.

During this enterprise project I have learnt how to code. As a marketer, the technical side of a tech start-up was very new to me. But being surrounded by developers 24/7 and the need to develop my own platform drove me to learn and think differently.

Although some of the skills are similar to those developed during academic study and work, they are not the same. It is not about chasing a grade anymore, but continuously solving real-life problems and making decisions that can directly affect the success of your business.

The most useful skill I have developed is problem solving. In a start-up there are always things coming up and you need to find ways to overcome them and keep moving. These skills are also useful for my day-to-day life.

Starting something from scratch is difficult. I have been learning a lot. Other skills and attributes I have been improving are organizational, resilience and people management. They should help me with my work in the future.

My enterprise support

My enterprise reflections & visions

I think the support available at Warwick is good. The University sponsored my visa so I could develop Ticketpass. Plus they gave us a small fund to cover some initial expenses.

It is useful meeting with other Warwick students engaged in enterprise. It’s surprising how exciting things happen when you bring passionate like-minded people together.

More funding and good advisers/mentors would be great because they might spell the difference between success and failure.

The main thing I have learnt from my enterprise experience is that pure perseverance separates the successful entrepreneurs from the unsuccessful ones.

I would definitely encourage other students to get involved, but warn them that the road that the entrepreneur travels is tough – success doesn’t happen overnight.

Over the next months I will focus on scaling the minimum viable product.

I want to revolutionize the ticketing industry through the way people buy and manage their tickets.