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Raphael Weninger - Warwick Incubator



r dot weninger at warwick dot ac dot uk

My enterprise project

My enterprise motivations & attributes

Tim Maecker and I founded Warwick Incubator because we wanted to see more student-led support for students who wanted to start their own businesses. In conjunction with a support network to help the start-ups on their journey, we developed a structured programme with weekly sessions conducted by professionals. The programme finishes with a Demo Day so the start-ups can pitch their idea to investors and accelerator programmes; with a view to developing their enterprising ideas full-time. In addition to our programme, we provide a shared working space, a mentor network and resources e.g. incubator library, website hosting space. Last year, we incubated 9 start-ups that presented to investors, students and professionals at our Demo Day.

During internships, I realized that corporate life was too constraining for me and it didn’t allow enough creativity and dynamicism. As an entrepreneur, it is all about finding the resources to make your ideas a reality. For me it is really fulfilling to help other students follow their dream by starting their own business. I’m also motivated by continued learning and skills development.

I think it’s really important to be persistent and to go for the goals you want. You shouldn’t be afraid to fail. If you do fail, fail fast and cheap, and then move on. That’s what we always tell our students. It’s not a real tragedy; learn from your mistakes and start again.

My enterprise support

My enterprise reflections & visions

In the early days of Warwick Incubator we received crucial support from Paul Taylor at IATL, who provided us with our first Warwick Incubator HQ. Various individuals across the University have also been helping us with advice and hands-on support. Warwick Incubator is all about building upon the foundations of these existing resources by making them more accessible to students and by gathering further resources for additional opportunities. The aim is to offer a nurturing environment for innovative businesses to take shape. A part of that is by empowering students to think big and to push themselves beyond their comfort zone.


Warwick Incubator is a special project for me because I love to help motivated people take the next step. It has been a great learning experience to see so many business ideas, and the challenges facing start-ups. It has also allowed me to get in touch with leading start-up figures all over the world. The most important part for me in this project is to create value and to influence other people’s lives for the better. I really enjoy interacting with the enterprise community that is forming around the Warwick Incubator and hope that we will see many great businesses evolving from it. The vision for this project is to become one of the leading university-based incubators in Europe.