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Stefan van der Fluit - Nuklius


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My enterprise project

My enterprise skills

Nuklius is an app to help entrepreneurs in the early days of building their start-up teams. The main difficulty entrepreneurs face when developing the next big thing is that they haven’t got all the skills required to turn it into reality. They often need a team of people with a wide set of complementary skills. Our app matches their ideas to the skilled people needed to create it.

I got the idea for Nuklius in early 2014. I was sharing my past Unibubble experiences with a room full of students when one of them asked me how I met Alex; my technical cofounder. It hit me there and then that one of the biggest reasons people don’t pursue their ideas is simply because they haven’t got all the skills to do so.

We took the idea to Cambridge Start-up Weekend, where we won third place. From there we were invited to join Accelerate Cambridge, which has helped us immensely through their network and support. We were invited to Buckingham Palace to share our vision with HRH The Duke of York’s team and we launched the app for the UK market in February 2015.

We are currently seeking our first round of investment so we can continue working full time on Nuklius after graduating this summer (2015).

I think starting a company is the best way to see what you are capable of. Having co/founded Nafets Solutions, Unibubble and Nuklius I have come to realise the importance of having both a strong reputation as well as a good network. A strong reputation is earned through helping people, by following words with actions and doing what is right. I always say that entrepreneurs have two assets which they can entirely control: their network and reputation. These assets are vital to your success as an entrepreneur since your network gets your foot in the door, and your reputation will get you through that door.

University degrees are no doubt important, but in my opinion you will always learn more by jumping into action and taking part; rather than by analysis alone.


My enterprise support

My enterprise reflections & visions

To support Nuklius we have been working with the Warwick student enterprise societies, as well as the wider University. We are looking for their continued support by raising awareness of the app and by helping create on campus a truly vibrant start-up ecosystem.








Having founded two start-ups while at university, my opinion that universities are incredible places to start a company is biased. Nevertheless it is difficult to overlook the thousands of bright, motivated and interesting people whom you can involve in your project as team members, cofounders etc. Universities are also great places to test ideas: it’s a sandbox to validate your assumptions on a small scale before getting them out into the world.

My advice is this: if you have an idea, do something about it. Gather a small team of 2 or 3 people to build a basic version of whatever it is you want to create, get it into people’s hands, see what they think of it and improve it using their feedback.

There is a tendency to overanalyse the situation and scare yourself from starting. Don’t! Simply do some basic research, and see if what you are building is just ‘nice to have’ or if it actually solves a bigger, more important issue which people are willing to pay for. Test that assumption with your fellow students. You will be amazed by what comes out of simply talking with people.