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My enterprise skills

Imagine an enterprise which helps people live more active and fulfilled lives. The Yummy Movement creates happier and more satisfied and energised clients by combining yoga and movement classes with fresh nutritious, vegan and gluten-free foods!

During my Masters at Warwick, my friend Yasuko inspired me to develop a business plan based on my beliefs and actions; as a healthy and mindful dancer and vegan. I have always been interested in well-being, the emotional and muscular benefits of exercising and protecting my health and that of the environment. Sustainability is very dear to my heart and is also a must in our current economic and environmental climate.

I’m creating recipes that are easy, fun and most importantly vegan, gluten-free and yummy. I’m compiling these recipes and images into a book. More recently I started teaching Yummy Movement classes around lunch time at the University. This allows staff and students to come and enjoy an hour of relaxation, reconnecting to themselves and practicing asanas. The class sizes vary from 5 to 13 people, which is decent for a start-up.

There are some important issues which affect my business model and its sustainability. Branding is critical as the Yummy Movement needs to stand out from generic yoga classes. Developing relationships with my customers was important for introducing them to the second phase of the Yummy Movement: determining whether they enjoy eating after yoga, and how important it is to take food away with them.

What I learned while developing my project made me a more confident businesswoman. Over the course of my enterprise project I acquired research and project management skills and learnt about business development concepts. These have differed from the skills acquired during my studies because they are more practical. Currently I am in the final stages of developing the logo and will then plan an official launch date – online and offline. I now have a great feeling of commitment and enjoyment. This project has really encouraged my entrepreneurial spirit – and I have already developed another business idea.


My enterprise support

My enterprise reflections & visions

I presented my project before a jury in the “Be Your Own Boss” competition, run by Warwick Entrepreneurs. I took third place which encouraged me to continue. With support from the Science Park, I developed a business plan for the national HE Santander Enterprise award. After an unsuccessful application, I immediately sought funding and support from Enterprise at Warwick. The pitching training from a professional really improved my skills and I managed to pitch for a “Try It” award at the University of Warwick.

I wanted to learn about self-employment, accounting and tax rules for businesses. In the future it would be great to have more training sessions: about fundraising, grant writing, and spreadsheet training for business use. Learning how to make meaningful connections and networks would also help me seize opportunities.

I learnt that I need to believe in my project – that is the only way I will push it forward. I also established that there is a real market for The Yummy Movement and that people like to learn about healthy eating and nutrition, and the relationship to emotions and energy.

So far the business has been attracting clients even without any investment in marketing; with word of mouth recommendations being invaluable. This research has allowed me to test and confirm many parts of my plan. I have already seen the impact of my business. People who can’t afford to pay have attended and loved it. Others who have never done yoga have told me how much they enjoyed it, and how surprised they were about the Yummy Energy Balls.

In the next months the project will expand to 2 or 3 classes a week and 2 monthly Sunday classes, with private classes already in demand. There is real potential that the business will be incorporated into the Warwick Arts Centre Family Day weekend in November. I would like to get in touch with Warwick Conferences and offer them a package deal, as well as working more closely with the University to promote staff well-being and becoming the ‘go to’ organisation for well-being and fitness.