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Yangzi Mei - Overseas Students Logistics


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My enterprise project

My enterprise skills & motivations

My enterprise offers logistical services to overseas students in the United Kingdom. We help these students with an easier, happier and better UK experience.

I got the idea two years ago, when I began working in a logistics company after my graduation. I kept thinking about the idea and prepared myself to actualize it. I resigned from that company and now my company is up and running. By cooperating with Landmark Global, DHL and other companies, we are able to offer high quality shipment of student possessions.

Realising an enterprise project is rarely easy. As a founder, there are so many different kinds of things to do. This enables me to develop many diverse skills like marketing, negotiating, collaborating, decision-making and so on. These skills are very different from the ones we learnt while studying and working; because we need to think as the boss and founder and be fully responsible for those decisions and actions. Routinely applying these skills should enable me to quickly and successfully develop my company.

My enterprise support

My enterprise reflections & visions

The support I receive from Warwick is very useful. It helped me a lot before I started my company. And now it helps me think more carefully and plan. It would be quite useful to meet other Warwick students engaged in enterprise because we could learn from each other and cooperate with each other. Since we serve overseas students in universities, it would be really helpful if Warwick could help promote our services to the overseas students. Together, we could both help overseas students at Warwick more.

I have learnt that starting an enterprise is not an easy thing to do. You need to think it through carefully before commencing. You encounter many problems and difficulties for sure.

Get ready before you start up and once you get moving, do not give up. Keep learning, think long-term and act fast.

Many students dream of running their own business, but how many of them have really tried? Do not just talk about it. When you have a dream, you should defend it and go for it.