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Zimu Xu - Oriental Art Bridge


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Oriental Art Bridge website

Bridge4OrientalArt at gmail dot com

My enterprise project

My enterprise skills

Oriental Art Bridge sells artworks in the form of Chinese paintings and calligraphy.

I have many years’ experience practising these arts. During my studies in the UK I was asked to sell some of my own artworks – something which would have been unlikely if I were in China!

So I developed an idea to create a platform for young professional artists so they could benefit from a global audience. I hope my business idea can help more Chinese artists reach their own worldwide audience-base so their talent can shine.

The business is at an early stage: contacting artists from the other side of the world, receiving quality images of their works and building the website and other marketing channels.

I am also testing the market on Etsy and am exploring off-line sales channels too.

During my enterprise project I learnt many new skills: Photoshop, social media management, communicating with galleries, to name a few. I have certainly learnt a lot from other start-ups as well!

As someone who did not bother with adding content to Facebook, managing a number of social media platforms is definitely new to me and this business. When considering the power of social media, I will definitely keep refining my understanding and social media management skills to further my enterprise.


My enterprise support

My enterprise reflections & visions

To me Warwick is definitely a university that is full of entrepreneurial spirit: you see students starting up new projects all the time! This kind of phenomenon cannot be developed and maintained without the support and help provided by various people at Warwick.

I think it is very useful to meet with other Warwick students engaged in enterprise. Everyone has their talents, which can be very inspirational.

I am constantly reminded to be ready and open to experience new things: ideas and possibilities, share information with people and to support each other, even share difficulties.

I would definitely encourage other students get involved in enterprising activities.

I hope this project will open doors for artists and help them live their dream.