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Warwick Secret Challenge Blog

By Graciella Martin Rijo and Bo Kelestyn

What is your experience of all things digital at Warwick?

Perhaps it has been a positive one, in that you find it easy to renew library books or pay for your
much-needed mid-afternoon coffee. Or instead, you might have struggled with finding seminar
readings online or navigating the e-registration system. This term, the task was to explore this and
invent innovative solutions to the digital issues we face on campus.

The Warwick Secret Challenge is an exciting, interdisciplinary brainstorming workshop created by Bo
Kelestyn (PhD student) and Vasanthi Subramonia Pillai (MSc student).

Drawing on the work of innovative thinkers and a passion for design thinking, they developed a
creative, accessible, and fun programme. The aim is that students will use their various backgrounds
and approaches to solve real-life issues, with the potential to positively impact student experience.

Participants are encouraged to:

  • Voice their expertise in new situations;
  • Bring their authentic selves to the process;
  • Gain confidence in their ideas;
  • Engage empathetically with others; and
  • Step outside of their degree, department, and routine.

Bo Kelestyn has been teaching design thinking as a post-graduate teaching assistant at Warwick
Business School for over four years. She has always been passionate about making it available to
more students:

Design thinking is a great tool for solving problems that do not have a straightforward solution, so
applying design thinking to a wicked problem or a grand challenge formed a huge part of the
initial vision. The world of work we are facing is so scary and unpredictable. One way to be
more prepared for it is being able to communicate your passion to others and build on each
other's strength to bring new ideas to the world. Warwick Secret Challenge in a short sprint allows you to do just that. It is still very much a prototype, but it has potential to positively impact student experience and learning whilst at Warwick and beyond.”

Our University has greatly supported the pilot challenge: WIHEA, IATL, Warwick Enterprise,
and central Marketing. The Warwick Secret Challenge now has a permanent home with Enterprise at
Warwick – a hub dedicated to supporting student enterprise and entrepreneurship. But you do not
need to own a business to attend. In fact, WSC stimulates a variety of transferrable skills which will
be beneficial to anyone. We are excited to continue this challenge with students by our side and are
planning sessions for Term 2.

Why not discover the next challenge for yourself?

For updates, please click here: Warwick Secret Challenge


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