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Creativity Workshops



What to expect from this session

The first creativity workshop seeks to present creativity as a prerequisite to innovation and later- entrepreneurship. The subject of creativity shall be introduced, including the principles driving creativity and how it is best applied. This workshop is meant to be playful- rather appropriate since this is the effect of creativity on the mind and in the workplace.


- Entrepreneurship can best be understood when viewed from three distinct (but related) perspectives.

- Entrepreneurship is process rich.

- Creativity is process rich.

- We each have creative preferences. This refers to points along the creative zone.

- Creativity can get better with practice and in the right environments.

- Creativity is what makes a firm more successful.



What to expect from this session
The second creativity workshop shall show how workplaces enable continued creativity and innovation, often referring to the need for students to seek employment in these types of firms.

- Strategy is the primary enabler of the creative workplace

- Strategic design is fine but the secret is how it is implemented.

- People are not motivated to be creative with extrinsic rewards.