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Warwick Skills Enterprise Scheme

Series of 4 interactive workshops with professionals to develop skills essential for self-employment and commercial employment


Be enterprising and Be energised

Tuesday 21 February, 5 - 7pm, (Venue: A0.23 Social Sciences)

Be enterprising: Introduction to Warwick Skills Enterprise Scheme
The first part of the session will provide an introduction to enterprise skills and strengths.
This scheme is open to all students and shall enable you to develop an understanding of your own skills and strengths. This will be invaluable when entering the world of work both for commercial employment or an entrepreneurial career.

Be energised: Building enterprise confidence Understanding your strengths – where am I now?

The second part of the session will focus on an introduction to enterprise skills and strengths. You will hear from current and previous Warwick students of the value of enterprise to them and how they have taken these skills and strengths forward in their lives.

By the end of this session you will have a strengths profile that will help you to better understand your approach to enterprise and any potential barriers to your success. You will also begin to develop some clarity about your own mission and purpose related to any enterprise activity you may pursue.

Session 2: Be Innovative and an Effective Problem Solver

Tuesday 28 February, 5 - 6.30pm, (Venue: A0.23 Social Sciences)

Developing and understanding creativity and problem solving- how can I plan for my future?

Learning to solve problems and seek out expert help

A feature of many enterprise activities is the ability to spot an opportunity, in this session we will help you to explore opportunities and introduce the key elements of thinking creatively.

As well as understanding your own approach to creativity, you will have an opportunity to work on an enterprise case study that helps you understand the benefits of creative problem solving, learning to plan for set-backs and use feedback to your advantage.

Using examples of Warwick enterprise projects, we will analyse the key concepts of decision making and problem solving. These case studies are taken from commercial, social enterprise and creative projects will bring to life the importance of developing good problem solving skills and accessing expertise in your wider networks.

The case studies will also highlight the link between good decisions and good outcomes for your enterprise project.

Session 3: Turning your idea into a reality - Successful Project Planning/Delivery

Tuesday 7 March, 5 - 6.30pm, (Venue: A0.23 Social Sciences)

During this session you will receive support and guidance on how you can plan towards your project in terms of what success is and what it will look like. We will also support you to develop a clear plan that will help give clarity to what is needed to ensure successful delivery.

As the difference between being creative and enterprising is the very action of effectively turning an idea into reality.

Session 4: Being an Effective Communicator and Pitch Perfect

Tuesday 14 March, 5 - 6.30pm, (Venue: A0.23 Social Sciences)

Communicating your ideas to others Promoting your ideas and persuading others - how do I communicate my vision to others?

Effective networking

The first part of this session is focused on assertive communication and the tools and techniques that will help you to persuade and influence others that your ideas are workable. We will demonstrate the importance of appealing to people’s heads and hearts when persuading them to engage with your ideas.

Working with enterprise scenarios we will take you through the steps that will help you get your ideas across to a range of audiences with confidence and enthusiasm.

We will also look at how to develop effective networking practices.

Pitching your ideas and growing your networks- what action can I take to be enterprising?
How to get funding and issues to consider

The second part of this session will build on your influencing skills. You will explore the difference between presenting your ideas and pitching them to an audience. We will take you through the process of pitching and give you an opportunity to practice and receive feedback.

We will also hear from Warwick alumni and their experiences of pitching to get some expert tips and hints. The final part of the scheme is to ensure that you continue to develop you enterprise mindset and grow your networks.

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