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Café Enterprise


Informal café setting for presentations by post-graduate students to highlight innovative things they are doing with their research beyond academia. This may include commercialising their research, undertaking public engagement activities, making an impact, or collaborating with external partners.

Why should I attend?

Sharing with peers has been shown to be very beneficial - we hope that you will be inspired by others, and that the Café will spark ideas which you can apply to your own post-graduate studies.

When: Tuesday 21 June 2016, 5.30pm - 8pm

Where: Careers Seminar Room 1, Ground Floor, University House

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Confirmed presenter

Geoff Malleck, a serial entrepreneur turned Academic who is currently visiting from the University of Waterloo in Canada shall reflect on his experiences.

Anthony Knight lets us know about the intellectual property issues and ongoing collaborative work which resulted from his PhD in systems biology, in his talk:

Sex, drugs and heart disease!

Felix Hovsepian, who has a PhD in Computer Science and works with tech start ups to address technology strategy and much more.

Failure is success in progress!

Why should I consider presenting in the future?

Presenters have the opportunity to practice their presentation skills and gain constructive feedback on their presentation style. The cross-disciplinary nature of these events means that the research presented will be the follow-up topic for discussion amongst the group.

If you’re a research or taught postgraduate and would like to either present or to act as Chair at a future Café Enterprise, please email: pgresearchskills at warwick dot ac dot uk

Please note: this event is reserved exclusively for postgraduate students


Felix Hovespian
Felix Hovsepian, PhD in Computer Science

Geoff Malleck, Entrepreneur and visiting Professor of Enterprise

Anthony Knight
Antony Knight,
PhD in Systems Biology
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