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Her Innovation Collective Online


Her Innovation Collective is delivered here at the University of Warwick.
Hear from entrepreneurs and industry professionals who are representing women in innovation efforts across sectors and workplaces. HIC provides a fantastic opportunity for you to gain new insights, receive career guidance, and develop lasting connections with professional women who are breaking boundaries and supporting the next generation of female innovators.

What is Her Innovation Collective Online?
A passionate community of students and professional women who inspire, create, and lead.

By the end of this online programme you will have:

  • Explored the role of women in innovation and why diversity and inclusion are important
  • Identified how to find support and connect with communities that empower women
  • Gained insights into the available programmes and opportunities for women in innovation
  • Established realistic next steps to support your endeavours
  • Have the opportunity to build relationships with inspiring individuals who can support your personal and professional development

Am I eligible to apply?

  • We are absolutely committed to inclusivity.
    • We are passionate about fostering a safe and kind environment for current University of Warwick students.
  • You do not need to own a business to join us.
  • You do not need to be cis-female.

If you have any concerns, including access needs, please contact:

It is a privilege to be breaking down some of the barriers to equality in business

and making innovation accessible to all!