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Innovation Fellows

Ceara Webster


I am a final year Liberal Arts undergraduate student at the University of Warwick. I have most recently been fortunate enough to study abroad in Hong Kong and Germany, the latter being where I explored my interest in innovation and business within the sustainability context. My interests, both disciplinary and extracurricular, are expansive with the uniting themes being encouraging community engagement, increasing accessibility to opportunities, and utilising innovative interventions to make meaningful change (in sustainable business and personal practice). Coming from a range of backgrounds and sharing knowledge and experience of the Warwick Innovation an Enterprise Programme (WIEP), I am excited to be part of a diverse team of Innovation Fellows which will serve to make your experience on the programme both personally effective and meaningful.

Giacomo Bottoli


Doing Digital Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Warwick, I have been exploring how start-ups and new technologies are changing the world and the role these ventures cover in our society. I am very passionate about it. I am a second-year student involved in many societies (Warwick Finance Society, Warwick Trading Society, Warwick Incubator). I am very interested in financial markets. During my first year I completed a spring internship working as private consultant for start-ups in London and participated at the Start-up Internship Immersion Programme (GBA International Institute for Innovation) in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. I like sports in general and I play the violin and the piano. Looking forward to meet you!



Luke Netherclift


I am in my second year studying Global Sustainable Development (GSD) and Business. I am a passionate social entrepreneur, having worked with Food Intercept and co-founded The People’s Backpack. As an Innovation Fellow this year, I am keen to support student businesses and social enterprises which are being created to make a meaningful, sustainable impact in society. If you are a student with an interest in innovation, have an idea or already have an existing business and want to take it to the next level - I’ll be here to help and support you!

Please feel free to get in touch with me at, Facebook or LinkedIn whatever is easier. Let’s turn business for good into business as usual!

Ptolemy Banks


My field of interest is healthcare and biotechnology. I study psychology, spent a year in Beijing studying biomedical science, I've worked in hospitals, published in a medical journal, and co-founded a robotic prosthesis company in China. Through doing all these things, I've learnt a lot about the healthcare industry - from research to practice - and as CFO of my company, I've had to meet/negotiate with VCs, incubators, lawyers, etc. Now I have the pleasure of using what I've learnt to help other students start or progress their dream of running a business. Please have a chat with me if you're interested in science and technology, or if you want some help with finance and strategy.

Sakshi Mittal

sakshi_white_background_250x250.jpgI am a final year undergraduate student passionate about entrepreneurship and social impact. I am pursuing a degree in Computer Science and I have had opportunities to not only understand but also see real-world applications of it. I have been a part of a student-run start-up in the past and have also had experiences in different firms. On campus, I am involved with Enactus Warwick, a society dedicated to improving lives via social enterprises. My past experiences have helped me develop my entrepreneurial spirit and my skills while making an impact. I am confident my experiences will help me in my role. I am available if you have any questions about innovation, entrepreneurship or just want to brainstorm and talk. Feel free to connect!

Xanthe Blain


I have passion, energy and enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship. I was brought up in an entrepreneurial family with Montessori education, to which many leading tech entrepreneurs, like the Google Founders, credit their entrepreneurial success. We are living at an extraordinary time in the history of humanity, where both the opportunities and threats have never been greater. The fourth industrial revolution is likely to change virtually everything, even what it means to be human; the future of humanity, all life on earth and the world are at stake. I believe we need a big change of approach. In the past, innovation and entrepreneurship success was measured largely in terms of wealth generated. Going forward, I believe innovation and entrepreneurship must serve a higher purpose to help create a better world. I’d love to support you whatever your motivations, but especially if you too want to use innovation and entrepreneurship as a force for good. If you look at innovation and entrepreneurship holistically, you will see that it involves philosophy, politics and economics.


Our Innovation Fellows will be hosting Innovation Meetups throughout the year and we would love you to join us!