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Meet the Fellows

Cornelia Zheng

BSc Psychology


I am an ambitious and entrepreneurial psychology student. My experiences of working in different incubators such as Fashion and Warwick Incubator has prepared me with an in-depth knowledge of how start-ups work and how to support them. Also, as a psychology student, I am more than happy to help you not just with business problems but also other problems you may come across. The best part of being the innovation fellow and having the chance to help others is the journey that leads there and the journey that followed.

Tina Goldarreh

Master of Maths, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics (MMORSE)


I am currently in the third year of the MMORSE degree and have previous experience of working within the university (mentorship programmes and internships). Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or even if you just want someone to brainstorm with.

Chengcheng Kang

PhD in WBS


I majored computer science in the past and I am currently pursuing my PhD degree in the Warwick Business School. I will be more than happy to provide you multifaceted advice from both technology and business management perspectives.

Dwitya Kirana

Masters degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship


I am honoured to be one of the Innovation Fellow. I am so excited to promote innovation and entrepreneurship and raise awareness that it is not exclusively for business students or for people wanting to start a business right away. Innovation and entrepreneurship is part of a long life learning journey that I think is important for everyone to possess. This is one of my main goals as a fellow.

The Innovation Fellows will provide and promote opportunities that seek to develop creativity, innovation, design thinking and entrepreneurship; enhance the educational potential of others; and have a commitment to developing a culture of innovation for all on campus.

You can find out more about their role here

You can contact the Innovation Fellows via innovation at warwick dot ac dot uk