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Sabrine Assem

MSc Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation

Why are innovation and entrepreneurship important?

Innovation enables and drives change. It makes life an exciting and worthwhile journey. Organizations consider innovation now to be the single most important competency to stay relevant and competitive. More importantly, humanity is in continuous search for the grand innovative solutions to our biggest challenges.

Entrepreneurial minds are the ones capable enough to take the risk, seek the unimaginable, and put innovation as their most important priority. Entrepreneurship is a mindset and a way of life. Entrepreneurs shape the future and disrupt the present. They make innovation possible.

What's your special area of interest?

I am most passionate about open and collaborative innovation. I am particularly fascinated by what online communities on innovation platforms could accomplish together. My areas of expertise include strategy, business model generation, product development, web applications, innovation & knowledge management, and crowdsourcing.

I am the Co-founder & CEO of a tech startup called Untap. Our product is a competition management system that organizations use to seamlessly launch, run, and manage online competitions. Major organizations such as Dell EMC and the British Council are among our customers. We raised funding as well and our team - currently consisting of 7 - is growing. Hence, I am particularly knowledgeable when it comes to starting a company, launching a tech product, managing a team, in addition to doing sales, marketing, and customer support. Please send me an email in case you needed any advice, feedback, or support with your idea and we can arrange to meet on campus. I love supporting aspiring entrepreneurs as much as I can.

As one of the first ever Warwick Innovation Fellows, what are you most excited about?

I am most excited about meeting and getting to know brilliant-minded students who have or consider having innovative ideas for startups. I am especially looking forward to all the meetups and events where the real magic happens. It is also super exciting for me to be given an opportunity to work with a great team on promoting startups and entrepreneurship at Warwick.