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Warwick Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme

from root to shootAbout

This online programme is designed to foster your ability to think like an entrepreneur and develop innovative products and services. It will equip you with the skills to drive innovation in the organizations and teams you are part of, to embrace risk and learn how to generate, pivot and execute your ideas.


  • Participate in or lead the development of an enterprising idea - from conception to delivery.
  • Build a portfolio of transferable skills and participate in a tailored programme of personal development.
  • Develop commercial awareness and connect with external partners.
  • Be part of a team that will harness and celebrate the skills and talents of its members, together with the support of the Warwick Enterprise Partnership.

Course structure:

PART 1 - Being Enterprising: Exploring Innovation and You

PART 2 - Being Entrepreneurial: From Idea to Reality (opens in Week 7)

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Topics covered in the programme
Self - understanding yourself. Strength, skills, culture and value
Team - Working in collaboration, building a team and a network.
Ideas - How are ideas generated and developed.
Audience - Understanding the market place, how organizations operate.
Execution - Prototyping, pitching, resourcing, project management, pivoting ideas.
Being an Entrepreneur - Skills set needed for starts ups, legal and finance, profile and brand.
What’s next - access to entrepreneurial networks and support while on the course.
Programme starts:

Welcome Week 2018 (Sept)


About the programme
  • Participate in your own time and at your own pace
  • Free and open to all students
  • Course created by experienced business practitioners and supported my student innovation fellows
  • Opportunity to apply for entrepreneurial funding on completion of the course