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How to Apply

Stage 1 - Read the information and register your interest.
Please begin by reading the following documents:
If you are interested in applying for the Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) Scheme you should complete the form to register your interest .

Contact us - If you have any queries please contact us at:
Stage 2 - Initial discussion

The initial meeting will be used to check your details, and ask you to provide details that will enable us to consider your eligibility and your business proposal and will usually last for about half an hour. As part of the eligibility checks you will also need to complete an immigration history questionnaire and provide your original biometric residence permit (BRP) card to confirm what immigration permission you have in the UK. In order to ensure that you meet the financial requirements of the visa criteria, the 3 month countdown shall start now. For applications made from the UK you must have £945 in your bank account and when applying from oversees you must have £1,890 (further details provided below).

Stage 3 – Making an application

After your initial discussion, you are able to submit a business plan for consideration using this online form. Using a font no smaller than Arial 10, the maximum length of your business plan should be 10 pages, plus a 1 page executive summary, plus a maximum of 2 pages of appendices. If the plan you submit exceeds 13 pages (excluding cover and contents pages), you will be asked to resubmit with a shorter plan according to the guidelines. The judges will be looking for a genuine and credible business proposition that demonstrates a need to be based within the UK.

After you have submitted your business plan, the University will check your eligibility, review your application and decide whether you should be invited to present your business idea to a University selection panel. Review of the executive summary section of your business plan shall form the basis of deciding whether to offer an invitation to attend a panel.

Stage 4 – Presenting your business idea

If your initial application is successful, you will be invited to present your business idea to a University judging panel. The panel will be made up of senior staff from across the University’s academic and non-academic departments along with independent judges. Where you are part of a team, all members of the group applying for endorsement must be present at the panel.

If you have already left the UK at the time of the panel, it may be possible to make your presentation via video conferencing facilities (subject to availability). You are welcome to attend in person but should be aware that it would be risky to try to re-enter the UK using your Tier 4 visa if you have completed your course as you will no longer meet the conditions of this visa. You must have a valid Tier 4 visa or have last been granted a Tier 4 visa (if applying from overseas) in order to be eligible to apply under the Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) Scheme.

The panel will make a decision whether to:

- Endorse your application and recommend to endorse your application;

- Decline your application;

- Defer your application pending submission of further information.

Stage 5 – If successful, issue of endorsement letter

All criteria must be met and by no later than 01/02/2019. If you are endorsed, your letter of endorsement will be valid for three months and you must use it to apply for your Tier 1 (GE) visa before 31 March 2019.