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UESS Student Guidance

Applying for the Undergraduate Enterprise Support Scheme (UESS) bursary to undertake a summer project should not be accepted lightly. There is a significant time commitment required at a time of year when friends and family (and the weather) may demand your attention. You must consider this carefully before accepting the bursary.

Programme Outline



  • The Undergraduate Enterprise Support Scheme (“UESS”) is co-ordinated and administered by the Student Development Unit, Centre for Student Careers & Skills at The University of Warwick (“University”), with the support of Warwick Ventures and members of Warwick Business School. The purpose of the unit is to provide skills development for all students in order to enhance your employability and the quality of your life-choices.
  • Bursaries will only be allocated following a rigorous application and scoring process, which occurs once each year.
  • The University shall always use reasonable endeavours to act fairly when making decisions to whom to allocate the bursary. The University reserves the right to decide at its absolute discretion how it wishes to allocate the bursaries to applicants. It shall not (unless required by law) be required to give any reasons for its decisions.
  • There is a limited amount of funding and payment of bursaries shall always be subject to University budget constraints.
  • You will be paid the bursary amount agreed by the Review Board into your bank account in June/July. Further details of how and when will be communicated to you if and when your application has been successful.
  • If your application is successful, you are automatically entered onto the UESS Enterprise Skills Development Week and you are required to attend and complete the training sessions during this week. You are also required to submit a business plan or critical market analysis at the end of the project.
  • Please note that the UESS bursary is intended for living and other associated costs only (accommodation, subsistence, travel, childcare, etc.) that you accrue whilst doing the project. The bursary does not provide a salary. The bursary is also given in good faith, that you will attend the compulsory sessions and submit the final business plan/market analysis within the projects timeline.
  • If, following discussions with Warwick Ventures, the UESS Co-ordinator reserves the right to require repayment of the entire up-front award should he/she reasonably determine that the bursary has not been used for the purposes set out in the application or the project has been largely not attempted or if you fail to complete the required outputs. You should make available to the Co-ordinator all information reasonably required to establish such correct use of the award funding.