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Completing UESS Application Form

  • This form is to be completed in full with submission before the deadline.
  • You can only make one application per year.
  • You are unable to go back and edit/make changes to the form; this means the content should be decided before submitting the online application.
  • The UESS administration will NOT follow up on incomplete applications (e.g. where one half of the full application is missing).
  • The form comprises a number of mandatory questions including some that collect data for recording and monitoring, as well as some that will be evaluated against the selection criteria (see below) to ensure the process is fair and transparent. The process will be highly competitive.
  • Alternative email address: we need you to provide an alternative email address in case you are unable to access your Warwick one for some reason. This will only be used for UESS purposes, or for contacting you about further dissemination opportunities after the year’s Scheme is complete.
  • As mentioned previously, if you are planning to complete your project in the summer vacation in which you graduate, there can be problems accessing building and IT services. In order to minimise this, we ask you to alert us, so that we can attempt to make arrangements to mitigate these issues.
  • Remember that transferable skills are as valuable as enterprise-specific ones. If you do not have any previous involvement in a start-up business or social enterprise, please provide examples of when you have been enterprising. Enterprising skills or attributes include being creative and innovative, confident and energetic, risk aware and decisive, communicative and collaborative, as well as versatile and determined. This can be evidenced through work experience, your course or life experiences.
  • A good application will contain information that is clear, realistic and appropriate and shows evidence of being well-thought out.

Completing bursary section

  • If you wish to carry out a project via UESS but do not need a bursary you are welcome to do so, BUT you will still need to research and submit an indicative breakdown of your living costs (up to £1000), as if you were applying for a bursary. You should title this section ‘Indicative breakdown’ and put 0 in the section asking how much you are applying for.
  • You need to look into the costs you think you will incur (up to a maximum of £1000) and create a realistic and thorough funding breakdown. It will remain a key element of the application form so the Review Board can assess the reasonableness of the project plan in relation to your suggested timescale. You need to summarise it and share it with your supervisor to ensure you have both agreed on the purposes of the funding.

You will have your own specific needs regarding these living costs. However, at the most basic level, the following information may help you when working out your funding breakdown:

  • On campus accommodation: £13 per night (non-ensuite) to £20 per night (ensuite) = £91-£140 per week
  • Subsistence (food): suggested spend, based on self-catering all meals): £25-35 per week
  • Travel: For example, return bus travel to Leamington £3.20 return x 5 days = £16.00 per week
  • Estimated total per week = £132 to £191 per week (£1,056 - £1,528 for duration of scheme)

You can apply for bursary of £1000 maximum. You therefore need to consider how this will support your entire living costs.

  • The amount requested does not affect the decision to award a bursary.
  • If the application is successful, the bursary amount will be transferred to you in July 2016. Further details will be given to you if your application is successful.
  • You must be able to agree to all of the terms & conditions of Application, otherwise you are ineligible to apply.
  • You need to read the UESS Rights and Responsibilities and tick that you agree to adhere to them if your application is successful.
  • When you submit your completed application, you will receive an automated response and copy of your submission to say the application has been submitted successfully. If you DO NOT receive this email immediately, please contact to verify your submission. This receipt will be taken as proof of application in case of query, so please retain for future reference.