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Enterprise Skills Development Week

  • The Enterprise Skills Development Week (11-15 July) is an essential element in the UESS and attendance is compulsory. Please do not apply if you know you cannot commit to this week.
  • During the Enterprise Skills Development Week you will learn the skills needed to complete your project, gain knowledge on how Warwick Ventures approach market analysis, learn about writing business plans, take part in skill building exercises and select the real research ideas that you want to explore the feasibility for.
  • In, or shortly after this week you will have the opportunity to talk to a researcher about their idea to help you understand the market they hope to explore. Prior to this you will have time to research the idea in order to know what questions you need answered.
  • You cannot use the UESS project for anything required as part of your course, it must not involve any work which will later be submitted to be marked (e.g. final year dissertation/project), except as background information (i.e. introduction in that work).