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Making an Impact


At Warwick Enterprise we recognise the importance of and are committed to developing the next generation of students and graduates that can rise to the 21st century's economic, environmental and social challenges. We truly believe that we all have the ability to bring about positive impact and we aim to support our students/graduates in developing key enterprise skills that will enable them to successfully drive important ideas forward (now or in the future). Through 1:1 support, workshops, programmes and funding - we’ve already supported a variety of socially and/or environmentally focused aspiring innovators (intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs) to deliver successful ideas (including projects, initiatives and social enterprises).

The University as a whole recognises the importance of the UNSDG’s.


What do we do to support?

Warwick Cup (Maddie Booth, Hollie Ryan, Ellie Church) – UNSDG Goal 12

Warwick Cup received SEF and Lord Rootes Funding. Warwick Cup is an on-campus social enterprise at the University of Warwick. Our mission is to reduce the usage of one-off coffee cups provided in cafe locations on campus. We offer a closed-loop environment for students and staff to borrow, use and return Warwick Cups for free. Warwick Cups are polypropylene based coffee cups, produced using on-campus facilities. These reusable coffee cups are environmentally friendly, they emit fewer carbon emissions in one lifecycle than other alternatives, in-particular 92% less emission when compared to traditional plastic-lined paper cups. Warwick Cups are also easily recyclable in recycling bins after its life cycle, whereas one-off coffee cups are either not recyclable, or rarely recycled as it requires specific industrial composting facilities. We hope through providing our reusable cups services, we can reduce the number of coffee cups in the landfill contaminating our environment.

The Gateway – UNSDG Goal 10

The Gateway is a social enterprise led by the Warwick Enactus Society aimed at empowering refugees and asylum seekers in Coventry through skills training workshops and career support. Workshops have been held at Coventry Library and Coventry Hill hotel to help beneficiaries with English and IT skills. The social enterprise partners with external organisations for events and joint initiatives; for example Coventry City Council, Together for Change, Refugee Action and City of Sanctuary. Past events include an Open Mic for Refugees, a soccer tournament with asylum seekers and university students, and the "Embracing Diversity" online fundraising challenge.

Metalmann – UNSDG Goal 12

Metalmann received funding from the Student Enterprise Fund. It has a vision to democratise the complex non-ferrous metals recycling industry, empowering scrap yards and recyclers with unparalleled reach so the global potential of metal recycling can be achieved. As demand for industrial metals rises, it's critical to harness their infinite recyclability, ensuring 'responsible production', However, only 30% products are currently manufactured from secondary-metal.

Metalmann is a transformative, B2B platform using advanced digital-technology to bring scrap-yards and recyclers together, without any intermediaries, so they can trade efficiently, across the world. Within a year launching, 500 aluminium companies from 20 countries trade on Metalmann and it

was promoted in the prestigious conventions of the Bureau of International Recycling (Europe), Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (USA) and Metal Recycling Association of India.

NutriBeauties – UNSDG Goal 3

NutriBeauties received funding from the Student Enterprise Fund (and is now supported through our GAP/Start-up Celmira to confirm). It is a 100% plant-based beauty supplement that aims to help young adults address their skin health and wellness in a sustainable way. The social enterprise is committed to sustainability in production, distribution and after the products life cycle comes to an end. Our packaging is paper-based, fully recyclable and aims to have the lowest possible impact of the environment. Furthermore all our ingredients are sourced keeping the sustainable impact in mind.

Icycle – UNSDG Goal 1

Icycle received funding from the Student Enterprise Fund. It offers eyewear made of 100% recycled plastic, glasses that are all high-quality, aesthetic and as sustainable as possible. Every gram of plastic used for Icycle’s glasses is sourced responsibly from waste-collectors in Pune, a city in India. Icycle monitors that every waste-collector receives adequate work clothing, pay far above the local poverty line and a formal contract by local partner institutions. This ensures both social and economic security of its workers. Icycle employs the waste-collectors to assemble the frames of the glasses and gives out one pair of its glasses with prescription lenses to a waste-collector with bad eyesight. This not only up-skills waste-collectors but also connects them to the final product.

UniAssist – UNSDG Goal 4

UniAssist received funding from the Student Enterprise Fund. It aims to improve access to higher education by equipping young people with long term professional and interpersonal skills along with guidance on navigating the process of applications for university, degree-apprenticeship or alternative routes. Challenging the practices of traditional widening participation programmes, UniAssist has no academic entry requirements to ensure fair access to students from all backgrounds.

Girl Boss – UNSDG Goal 5

Girl Boss was founded in 2019 with the mission to promote wellbeing and better mental health on campus, while also supporting the career aspirations of ambitious women at Warwick. They champion gender equality through careers events: hosting talks, workshops and networking opportunities with leading female speakers from various industries.

The flagship “Spilling the Tea” series provides the 300-member community a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space to discuss topics such as sessions on body image, relationships and mental health.


Interested in getting involved/making a difference?

This year we invite any aspiring social innovators to participate in Ingenuity 2020

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We also have 2 platforms that you can engage in:

  • Social shifters etc

I have an idea what support do you offer?

  • 1:1’s support
  • Social Shifters, Step to Start Up and Start-Up Sherpas - Online idea development
  • Student Enterprise Fund, Lord Rootes - Funding Opportunities
  • GAP, StartUp Visas, Ingenuity and various Incubators – Start-up programmes

Get in touch now so we can help you get the best support:

Other ways you can start your enterprise/impact journey

  • View our Summer Programme 2020 videos

Our exciting online Summer Programme focused on key enterprise skills and also Ingenuity (a social impact competition: that features UNSDG specific themes: wellbeing, community, climate change and creating prosperity. Review videos that will inspire you and support you on your enterprise journey.

  • Enterprise Societies

We have also supported various enterprise-related student societies that make a positive contribution towards the UNSDG’s. If you are looking for an opportunity to develop and/or utilise your enterprise skills we strongly encourage you to engage with enterprise-related societies who demonstrate how truly driven people can come together and make a real difference in the world.