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Caroline Omotayo - Warwick Women in Entrepreneurship


Warwick Entrepreneurs

carolineomotayo22 at gmail dot com

My enterprise project

My enterprise skills

I am one of the founders of Warwick Women in Entrepreneurship. In my first year at university I took part in the Warwick Apprentice and went through to the national competition. In my second year I was involved in the Warwick Entrepreneur Society as its Chief Operating Officer.



It’s a personality thing! Ever since I was young I haven’t been afraid of pushing myself beyond my comfort zone. I’m not very aware of risk – which can be a bad thing or a good thing – and I’ve never been afraid to do things that I don’t have experience with. I definitely think entrepreneurship is a trait that individuals are born with, but also one that can also be developed with experience.

My enterprise support

My enterprise reflections & visions

I think one thing that students and young people need is mentorship, i.e. being paired with someone who has actually gone out there and done it. I don’t come from an entrepreneurial family so it’s not the first thing that came to mind when I was thinking about a career. If young people could be encouraged by a mentor that would really assist their recognition of entrepreneurship as a viable career. There are a lot of risks that go with it, so having someone who can guide you and introduce you to relevant people would really help.

When people think of a career, they often think of what they can make most money from, or what will give the most security, so people naturally look towards corporations. As a student in a top university, you’re also naturally drawn towards the biggest corporations. But when I did an internship in a corporation, I always found myself doing things that I hadn’t been asked to do – creating products and coming up with new ideas.