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Hyunju An - BasaK


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My enterprise project

My enterprise skills & motivations

BasaK is a Korean takeaway shop and mobile caterer serving fresh, delicious and healthy food which is low in sugar, salt and fat, but is high-protein and reasonably priced.

It is a long time since my friend and I had the idea to serve nutritious and unique Korean cuisine to customers. We knew we could draw on our experiences as a chef and as a marketing and business analyst.

BasaK was incorporated in February 2016. We looked at great locations to start and we currently wait news on our offers. Once we find the right location for our takeaway shop, we will use its kitchen as a hub for expanding the business, i.e. mobile catering for markets and high streets.

As I studied science, I often satisfy my curiosity with everyday life through applying science. Cooking is a part of everyday life which I pursue in order to make healthy, nutritious and delicious food. This led me to work as a chef and experiment in the kitchen – a different kind of laboratory which encourages my entrepreneurial spirit.

Some may think cooking is very different to my masters’ degree at University of Warwick. With the skills and knowledge I acquired during my studies, I believe I better understand my business. For example, one of the essential skills I learnt was data analysis. Although the data I analysed was pretty different, it helped me measure the possibility of success of my business. Other examples are hygiene processes and quality control. I am sure science students can best appreciate this.

My enterprise support

My enterprise reflections & visions

Warwick encourages me to plan and develop my idea so the business becomes more feasible. The support was very helpful, especially the coaching I received for pitching.

I began my business in earnest after I completed my degree, so I did not meet other students with similar ideas. At that time, I was looking for external mentors to share my idea with. I gained very invaluable advice from the helpful panellists invited by the university. Now we regularly meet and share ideas and experiences.


I learnt business planning and development through this enterprise opportunity at the University of Warwick. The greatest thing I learnt is to ‘never give up’. This has become a motto in my life and also for my business.

Running your own business is not always easy or good. And it can be bad a lot of the time. When launching a business, there are lots of things to consider and follow up. This applies for online and offline businesses. There will be many things to do, including dealing with taxes, negotiating supplier prices etc. So at the beginning, people will be more frustrated than satisfied. However, if we continue with the right business strategy, it could finally go well. When times are tough, I remind myself that, nothing is impossible and I will eventually make it.