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Sherry Xian & Mike Liang - Achieve Mentoring


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Our enterprise programme

Our enterprise skills

Our enterprise project provides study-abroad-support to Chinese international students. It’s a long time since we had the idea to help other students by using our personal experiences. When we heard about the graduate entrepreneurship scheme in May 2013 we decided to turn the idea into practice.

We learned a lot and we regard managing the learning process itself as our biggest achievement. It's the learning that guides us forward. We hosted two summer schools in the UK for students. We also coached and mentored successful graduates.

The skills we developed most are how to communicate with different stakeholders and how to coach and mentor students.

We currently collaborate with schools, universities and educational organisations in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and UK. We also communicate with parents of students who wish to become better at nurturing youngsters.

Working with different stakeholders is a complex task because they have diverse interests. With increasing experience, we learnt how to coach and mentor a wider range of students. There is a lot of psychology and “soft-skills” involved.

Our enterprise support

Our enterprise reflections & visions

With the entrepreneurial environment at Warwick, there are many staff who are experienced in both entrepreneurial and academic arenas. Discussions with staff at Warwick Manufacturing Group helped clarify some aspects of our project – enabling us to move forward.

It is useful to meet experienced students, tutors and practitioners. Listening to their thoughts and experiences helped us progress.



We feel that you need to learn and change quickly. The sooner you want something to happen, the faster you need to be able to learn and change.

It was not surprising to find that the real world is very different to our business plan. So we asked, “Was the plan wrong, or are we just not meeting the right customers?” We think both encompass the correct answer. There is neither an ideal plan, nor ideal customers. You have to change quickly to merge your vision with customer needs, and then continuously iterate and improve.

To help us develop the talent of international students, our main task over the next 6 months is to expand our network of business partners.