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Tim Armoo - Fanbytes



tim at fanbytes dot co dot uk

My enterprise project

My enterprise motivations

My company is called Fanbytes. We build technology to help brands collaborate with big social influences across YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and so on. This is the third company I’ve been involved in and I’ve been creating start-ups for about six years.

I sold a company about three years ago, when I was 17, and our current company has raised funding from some high profile investors.

Our customers include brands such as Nickelodeon and Go Ape, New Look, Top Shop and Selfridges.

Well, the first company I started was because of a bet, so that probably doesn’t have any real significance!

The main thing that motivates me now is the idea of problem-solving – that’s the main purpose of a company. You see a problem and think: “What’s the best way to solve that?” That’s what entrepreneurship gives you – the opportunity to solve problems, whether they be purely commercial, or social.

My enterprise advice

My enterprising nature

The problem that a lot of businesses face is that they don’t solve problems! So people build companies imagining that there’s going to be someone paying them. But the fundamental concept for anybody who has an enterprising idea is to consider the true problem and the easiest way it can be solved for people. Ultimately, that’s what people will pay for.

It’s also very important to think about whether it’s a problem worth solving. Is it something that will make people’s lives easier in some way – will it make them more money or save them some time?

Being a bit technical really helps me to be enterprising – being able to understand how to design solutions through programming and code. I also think just being able to approach problems from an abstract point of view is very helpful.