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Hip-Hop to Help

'Both the Student Enterprise Fund and the Lord Rootes Fund have really helped me: I’ve been able to book more venues for dance classes, increase my visibility, and reach more people in the community.’

Amber Pocklington received student enterprise funding which she used to help expand her social enterprise Hip-Hop to Help. Amber explains what Hip-Hop to Help does and how support from Warwick Enterprise allowed her project to grow to the benefit of more people in the community.

‘Hip Hop to Help puts on free dance classes for schools, Universities and the community to raise money and awareness for charities through an optional donation, as well as giving all children and adults from all backgrounds opportunity to learn to, and enjoy dance. Check out our website, Facebook page, and promotional video.'

We would also like to congratulate Amber on winning an OSCA (Outstanding Student Contribution Award) in 2019!

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