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Professor, Department of Economics,

University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Areas of specialisation:


Masters in Business Administration

(Queen’s University)

Diploma in Business Administration

(Wilfrid Laurier University)

Geoff Malleck

Geoff’s primary focus is exploring the principles and conditions that drive the ‘Creativity-Innovation-Entrepreneurship’ Continuum and the relationship with economic prosperity and culture.

In addition to introducing entrepreneurship in class Geoff works on personal and professional development and individual brand building.

Geoff is a founding director of the Research Entrepreneurs Advancing Prosperity (, a unique and truly innovative program. Geoff is also a key driver in the development of Waterloo’s sixth pillar in Entrepreneurship.

In the faculty of Arts, Geoff is the director of the International Trade Specialization, the Global Engagement Specialisation and the Management Studies Program. Geoff is associated with the School of Environment, Enterprise and Development where, amongst other responsibilities, Geoff provides instruction in ‘Green Entrepreneurship’ and ‘Entrepreneurship and Economic Development’.

Geoff holds an appointment as an associate director in the Economic Development program offered by Waterloo where he works with Economic Development professionals to help them understand that developing policies to promote an entrepreneurial culture is fundamental to a region’s prosperity.

Geoff is active in the private sector as a multiple board member and consultant.

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