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How to Apply

This call is now closed and October 2016 was the final year of entry for students to the Warwick ESRC Doctoral Training Centre. The following is for information only.

For information on ESRC studentships from October 2017 entry under the new Midlands Graduate School ESRC Doctoral Training Partnership, please visit the Midlands Graduate School website.

Doctoral studentships will be available across a number of training pathways and departments, including collaborative studentships, for entry in October 2016. If you are interested in applying for an ESRC studentship at Warwick please complete the following steps;

1. Choose a Pathway and Department

Before applying you will need to decide which of the available training pathways is most suitable for you, by liaising with the relevant academic department contact as appropriate.

Where a training pathway is offered in more than one department, students should apply to the department most relevant to their specific research interests.

2. Apply to the University

Apply to the University to study for a research degree by completing an Online Application.

More information on how to apply for doctoral study at the University of Warwick.

3. Complete an Application for an ESRC studentship

When you have applied to the University, in your acknowledgement email you will receive the link to the Studentship Application page together with a password. Here you will be asked for more details about your research topic and given space to tell us about relevant achievements and experience in support of your studentship application.

Please be aware that while you may have submitted some of this information already as part of your course application to the University, we will require you to repeat it for the purposes of this form. Reviewers of the applications will only have access to the information included in this Studentship Application Form plus the two references submitted in support of your PhD application. It is therefore important that you include all relevant information in this form.

You may find it useful to refer to the Graduate School's Top Tips for a Strong Application.


The closing date to be considered for pathway-specific ESRC Doctoral Training Studentships starting in October 2016 is Tuesday 19th January 2016 (23:59 GMT).

Collaborative Studentships

In addition to the above pathway specific Studentships, the Doctoral Training Centre has a number of collaborative studentships involving research or other activities with external public, private or third sector organisations. Submission of applications for collaborative studentships will open around February 2016, for entry in October 2016.

Project-Linked Studentships

This year the ESRC DTC is offering 2 Project-Linked studentships connected to the Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy (CAGE) in the Economics Department at the University of Warwick . For further details and information on how to apply please see here. The deadline for applications to apply for CAGE Project-Linked studentships is 12 noon UK time on 19th January 2016.