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Sir Venki Ramakrishnan

Chair of the Committee

Venkatraman Ramakrishnan is an Indian-born British and American structural biologist who shared the 2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Thomas A. Steitz and Ada Yonath, "for studies of the structure and function of the ribosome".

Since 1999, he has worked as a group leader at the Medical Research Council (MRC) Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, UK and is a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. He served as President of the Royal Society from 2015 to 2020.

Layi Alatise

Layi Alatise is currently a Professor and Royal Society Industry Fellow in Power Electronics at the University of Warwick. In November 2010, he joined the University of Warwick as Science City Research Fellow to investigate advanced power semiconductor materials and devices for improved energy conversion efficiency. Since February 2019, he has been a Professor in Electrical Engineering with the University of Warwick, Coventry, U.K. He has led several EPSRC projects in Power Electronics and is currently working on an APC Project with BMW for the development of automotive powertrains based on Silicon Carbide traction inverters. He was a recipient of the 2021 best paper award in the IEEE Transactions in Industrial Electronics.

Nayanjot Lahiri

Nayanjot Lahiri is a historian and archaeologist of ancient India and a professor of history at Ashoka University. She is the winner of the 2013 Infosys Prize, in the humanities, for her work in archaeology and the 2016 awardee of the John F. Richards prize for her book Ashoka in Ancient India. She also served on the Humanities jury for the Infosys Prize from 2017 to 2018.[7]

Suzy Moat

Suzy Moat is Professor of Behavioural Science at Warwick Business School, where she co-directs the Data Science Lab. She is also a Fellow of The Alan Turing Institute. Her research investigates whether data on our usage of the Internet, from sources such as Google, Wikipedia and Flickr, can help us measure and even predict human behaviour in the real world.
Moat's work touches on problems as diverse as linking online behaviour to stock market moves (with Preis, Curme, Stanley, et al.), estimating crowd sizes (with Botta and Preis) and evaluating whether the beauty of the environment we live in might affect our health (with Seresinhe and Preis). The results of her research have been featured by television, radio and press worldwide, by outlets such as CNN, BBC, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, New Scientist and Wired.

Marten Scheffer

Marten Scheffer is a professor of Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management at Wageningen University and Research Centre. He was a winner of the 2009 Spinoza Prize and an elected Foreign Member of the National Academy of Sciences USA. His research is located inside the field of ecology as well as outside of it, with studies into climate change and evolution.[1]

Tim Stearns

Tim Stearns (born 1961 in Huntington, New York) is an American biologist and university administrator, and is the Dean of Graduate and Postgraduate Studies, Vice President of Education, and Head of Laboratory at The Rockefeller University. Stearns was formerly the Frank Lee and Carol Hall Professor in the Department of Biology at Stanford University, with appointments in the Department of Genetics and the Cancer Center in the Stanford Medical School. Stearns served as chair of the Department of Biology at Stanford as well as Acting Dean of Research and Senior Associate Vice Provost of Research.[2] 

Simon Swain

Simon Charles Robert Swain is an academic at the University of Warwick who specialises in the Greek world of the Roman period and the development of Greek thought in the Arabic culture of the Middle Ages. He has headed the Faculty of Arts and held Pro-Vice-Chancellor positions in research and international. He is currently Vice-President for Engagement. He is a Fellow of the British Academy, the United Kingdom's national academy for the humanities and social sciences, and serves there as Vice-President for Research and Higher Education Policy.

Brenda Yeoh

Brenda Yeoh Saw Ai is a Singaporean academic and geographer,[1][2] currently serving as Raffles Professor of Social Sciences at the National University of Singapore. Yeoh was accorded the 2021 Vautrin Lud Prize. The award is one of the highest honours presented for developments in geography, and widely considered the 'Nobel Prize in Geography'. In the same year she was elected a corresponding fellow of the British Academy.