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Partners and Affiliations

Global Research Priorities (GRPs)

The Warwick Global Research Priorities programmes addresses some of the most challenging problems facing the world today, providing a platform for multidisciplinary research in 10 key areas of international significance, from food to sustainable cities, energy to innovative manufacturing.

The programme supports cross-departmental collaboration, enabling our researchers to work together across departmental and disciplinary boundaries on issues of global importance.

IATL (Institute of Advanced Teaching & Learning)

The core business of IATL (The Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning) is to foster a pedagogy that is committed to innovation, interdisciplinarity, inclusiveness, and internationalisation. IATL is, throughout, mindful of its brief to identify new directions for its work, to innovate, to support innovation by others, and to generate work that is tangible and useful.

International Office

In 2009, Warwick launched a range of partnership funds, developed with input from the academic community, administered by the International Office and evaluated by appointed academic representatives from all four Warwick Faculties.

The partnership funds, which have supported collaborations across the globe in key developed and emerging research economies including; Brazil, China, India, USA, Singapore and South Africa, are intended to pump-prime collaborations that will lead to the development of important global research collaborations.

CIAS (Consortium of Institutes of Advanced Studies)

The Consortium of Institutes of Advanced Studies currently comprises 20 research institutes based within universities in Great Britain and Ireland. It is affiliated to the international Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes.

CIAS and its member institutes take an active role in promoting multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research at doctoral level and beyond, and offer an organisational structure and programme to foster these aims. Members are committed to enhancing public understanding of academic activity.