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Accolade Training Programme

The Academic Careers & Leadership (Accolade) programme is attended by all WIRL-COFUND and Early Career Fellows at the IAS. This consists of weekly seminars that bring the community together to focus on training and development activities aimed at helping fellows to establish an independent academic career. The programme includes a wide variety of activities to develop the five core objectives of each attendee’s academic portfolio:

  • Research Excellence
  • Research Leadership
  • International & Interdisciplinary Engagement
  • Transferrable Skills
  • Personal Development

Attendance at the Accolade sessions is a compulsory element of the WIRL-COFUND and Early Career Fellowships as it will play an important role in the career development of the fellows. Each training session is proceeded with ample time for informal exchange and discussion, with the IAS hosting a networking lunch and seminar series, to allow prolonged engagement with colleagues from such varied specialisms and a mutual support network.