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Past Projects

  • Turning the University Inside Out? was an informal talk and round talbe discussion of the multiple modes of contact between academic, policy and practitioner worlds. Held on 6 June 2017 with Professor Wendy Larner.
  • Careers In Research Outreach Day was an afternoon workshop with local sixth form students, held on 15 March 2017.
  • The Professor Is In was a talk given by academic and author Karen Kelsky on 10 May 2016. In this talk karen discussed how to break into the US academic job market.
  • BookFest: the University of Warwick Book Festival was a two-year project to establish and develop the University of Warwick's own Book Festival at Warwick Arts Centre. In 2014, the Festival took place on 17-18th May, with the programme including Louis de Bernières, Tony Mendez, and panels on Edward Snowden, historical fiction, and women secret agents.
  • Being Human: Medicine and the Human Sciences is the title of a research network and series of events funded by the Institute. It investigated the interplay of neuroscience, medicine, philosophy, psychology, sociology, law and history to contemplate the nature of consciousness and being is, historically, presently and looking towards a - potentially - post-human future.
  • Test-cases in Shameful Sociability: using a psychosocial framework, Test-Cases in Shameful Sociability investigatedthe peculiar and often perplexing dynamics of shame as they animate the social scene, and call into question the distinction between the public and private spheres.
  • Voices of the University: To mark Warwick’s 50th anniversary, we carried out an ambitious oral history project to capture the voices of those who have studied, worked and lived near the University since its creation in 1965. This three-year project has generated interviews from over 250 current and former staff, students and local residents on a wide range of topics relating to the university’s history.
  • Speculative Lunches: A forum for an informal discussion of research ideas at an early stage of formulation, Speculative Meetings should be open to staff as well as postdoctoral fellows and postgraduate students in addition to cross-sector experts as appropriate. These types of meetings are now supported through New Ideas Development Awards.
  • Public Engagement: Funding academics at Warwick to deliver research outputs to the public that arise from past and/or on-going research whereby such activity would not otherwise be possible. These types of activities are now supported through the Research Impact Development Awards.
  • Incubation Awards: Fostering interesting collaborations and building towards major projects, developing research and events. These types of activities are now supported through Grants & Fellowship Development Awards.




bookfest 2014