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2011-12 academic year

The network organised 3 events over the academic year 2011-12. Each of the events consisted of a public talk given an external speaker, which was then followed by an interdisciplinary symposium. This year we decided to focus on three issues which struck us as urgent to debate: the question of free will; what it means to be human in our digital age; and the changing relationship between humans and animals. Besides these well-attended events, we were able to organise an extra public lecture by Professor Daniel Lord Small (University of Harvard), which explored the potential of the contemporary neurosciences for the writing of academic history.

Public Lecture- Professor Daniel Lord Smail (Harvard University) “Deep History: Neurosciences and History Writing” (24th October 2011).

Free Will in Past and Present (8th/9th December 2012) with Professor emeritus Raymond Tallis and Dr Roger Smith

Being Human in the Digital Age (15/16 March 2012) with Professor Alan Winfield

The Human Animal (29/30 May 2012) with Professor Peter Sahlins